Precooked food

In order to meet the needs which have arisen in recent years in the markets of precooked food, collective kitchens and catering, Manufacturas Ceylan has developed a simple range of culinary bases and solutions which allow our clients to prepare their recipes in a simple and homogeneous way, speeding up cooking processes and reducing costs. Ceylan has an extensive range of formulations for manufacturing precooked food which is always produced under strict food quality and security controls. One of our strongest areas is our ability to constantly adapt to the sector's trends. For us, the simple preparation of dishes, their flavour and their appearance are the most important factors. Moreover, our team of experts also develops products for special diets which are low in salt, gluten-free, etc. This is because after 70 years we have the necessary experience to manufacture any product required by the precooked food industry.




Stocks and bases

With characteristic aromas and flavour nuances for meats, fish, vegetables, veal mixtures, fish fumet, etc.

Rice dishes

A full line of culinary specialties: seafood rice, Valencian paella, black rice, etc.


With multiple aromas and flavour nuances of vegetables, fish and meats.

Dips and vinaigrettes

A broad selection of international flavours.

Multiple flavours and texture sauces

Mushroom, boletus, green pepper, tomato, barbecue, curry, bolognese, gazpacho, etc.

Production of culinary bases:

Tempurlan, dark roux, light roux, bechamel, croquettes, etc.


Bechamel and croquettes

Other supplements

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